1. Send part(s) you decorate, would like to decorate, or have difficulty decorating.
  2. Two complete, scrap or partial parts will do.
  3. Specialists will test one part to determine the best of several decorating systems.
  4. You get the other part back optimally decorated for appearance and performance for your own evaluation.
  5. Then speak with our experienced account managers for quoting, artwork needs and incorporating the Graphic Ink Transfer or Post-Mold Graphic system into your production cycle.

A shipping label and FREE application request form will print. Please tape the shipping label to your carton and enclose the form along with your parts. Ship with your preferred carrier. We will pay for return UPS shipment of your decorated parts.

FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Please comlete the form as complete as possible. Click "Printable Label" to print out the mailing label. Click "Printable Form" to print out the Free Sample Information Form, as well as to send the information to Mark-it® Company in preparation of your sample.

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How is the part produced?*
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