We engineer decorating systems to adhere permanently to composites and to new materials arriving in our testing labs regularly.

• Fiberglass
• Graphite
• Kevlar

• Polyurethane
• Carbon fiber
• Other composites and new materials

Where other decorating methods fail, the Graphic Ink Transfer has succeeded. Graphic Ink Transfer products have satisfied customers by meeting the decorating challenges for:

• Hockey sticks
• Baseball
and softball bats
• Ski poles

• Water skis
• Snow skis
• Kayak Paddles

• Archery Bows
• Watercraft
• Products subjected
to high temperatures

Graphic Ink Transfer™ products for these materials may include:

• SoluMark
• SoluMark HR6
• SoluMark HR7
• SoluMark XTL
• PlastiMark


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