The most versatile materials used in product manufacturing. Plastics are molded using a variety of processes, formulations, sizes, shapes or textures. Whether rotationally molded, blow molded, injection molded, compression molded or thermoformed, plastics can be the most difficult substrates to decorate due to:

• Uneven surfaces
• Varying surface tension
• Compound curves
• Outgassing
• Poor adhesion
• Mold releases
• In-mold spoilage
• Inaccessible mold surfaces
• Image smearing, shifting, cracking
• Reduced cycle times
• Ink bleeding
• Heat distortion

Post-Mold Graphic products decorate:

  • Polyolefins–Polypropylenes, EVAs, Polyethylenes
    (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, cross-linked, etc.)
  • Urethanes–Polyurethanes, TPE, etc.
  • PVCs
  • Acrylics–Plexiglass
  • Styrenics–Styrene, Polystyrene, etc.
  • Engineered resins– ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate,
    Glass-filled resins, Composites, etc.

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