• Cylinders, radii and curves present no challenge to the Graphic Ink Transfer system. This flexible product conforms to the shape of the part you want decorated, even simple compound curves.
  • Textured surfaces are evenly decorated with the Graphic Ink Transfer system. The decal bonds to the peaks, slopes and valleys of the substrate without forming voids. Because the image thickness remains uniform throughout, colors over peak areas are as opaque as the valleys. Send in your texture substrate challenges–you've got to see this.

Sticker adhesive bond is limited to substrate peaks. Pad-printing and direct screening inks settle in texture valleys, leaving an inadequate ink deposit on texture peaks, yielding inconsistent opacity. Graphic Ink Transfer decals conform to substrate irregularities, resulting in a better bond and consistent opacity.

Graphic Ink Transfer products for these materials may include:

• SoluMark
• SoluMark HR6
• SoluMark HR7
• PlastiMark

• IsoMark
• Post-Mold Graphic
• Post-Mold Graphic XTL
• AquaMark


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